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Supporting the Chinese Community in South Africa

Our vision is to use the web to reach the entire Chinese community of South Africa . We will inform the Chinese community in South Africa of various news, issues, events, career opportunities and other useful information regarding the Chinese people. We also welcome news reports and information regarding Chinese in South Africa from the community out there. Please do let us know whats going on, whats happening and where its taking place! Through this we will be able to inform the community about your event!


Our aim is to also have a database of various Chinese businesses' so that anyone searching the web looking for anything Chinese i.e. restaurants, groceries etc... will be able to find them on the website.


If you wish for your Chinese business to be added to the database, please contact us.


If anyone has any other ideas of what they would like to see on the website, please let us know at: info@chineseforum.org.za


Please also let us know your comments and suggestions of how to improve this website.